BEAUTY the Guide - June 2018

F OUR YEARS AGO, Japanese beauty brand Shiseido shook up the skincare industry by introducing the world’s first skin immunity booster serum that took a very different approach to skin health. Instead of trying to trigger more fibroblast production or to speed up cell turnover, this booster took a holistic approach to supporting the skin’s own repair functions. Through its research, Shiseido scientists discovered that Langerhans cells play a crucial role in maintaining skin homeostasis but the self-protection function declines with age. (The Langerhan’s cell’s commanding function was discovered in the 1970s and became the basis of the work related to dendritic cells and immunity that earned Dr. Ralph Steinman the Nobel Prize in 2011.) Upon detecting germs, such as fungi or chemical substances that penetrate the skin, Langerhans cells instruct other immune cells (lymphoid cells) to attack and resist those foreign objects. But what is even more amazing it that it's Langerhans cells that detect skin troubles such as inflammation caused by UV exposure, dryness or pollution and directly attack the stimuli response factor in self defence. They act like skincare superheroes in the body, identifying problems and commanding the body to attack these foreign substances and invaders. Shiseido has been at the forefront of skin immunity research. In 1993, the company made an important discovery, scientifically proving that the skin and nervous system are closely related, mediated by Langerhans cells, which are the commanders of the skin’s immune system. The finding came through collaborative research with the MGH/Harvard Cutaneous Biology Research Center in Boston. So they set out to develop a formula that would help these cells recover their self-protection function. By combining three key ingredients including B-glucan, which directly influences the Langerhans cells, the scientists were able to prove the self-protection factor an be heightened. The result was Ultimune and it was a global smash from the very first bottle. Not only did it help boost skin immunity, but by having the skin operating at peak condition, all of your other skincare products and serums delivered better results. “Shiseido has over 100 years of skincare research,” says Mr Shimitani, Chief ONE BOTTLE OF ULTIMUNE IS SOLD EVERY 15 SECONDS WORLDWIDE