BEAUTY the Guide - May 2018

on his love of flowers. His vintage micro prints have inspired a generation of fashion enthusiasts who love his romantic silhouettes and intricate detailing. His collaboration this month with François Nars is a joy to discover. “I have always been interested in exploring the codes of femininity, and to me, flowers represent the wonderful strength of the feminine,” he says in our interview. Italian fashion designers Dolce & Gabbana celebrate a harvest of a different kind this month. It’s the Primofiore lemons that grow near Capri that star in the beautifully crafted Light Blue Italian Zest fragrances. They really do smell like a Mediter- ranean vacation thanks in part to the exceptional quality of the lemon oil used in the scents. I hope you enjoy this issue and find it inspiring. Best wishes, Dave Follow me on Twitter @davelackie for more beauty news and luxe giveaways. THISMONTH’S ISSUE T here is a floral theme flowing through this month’s issue that extends from the inspiring Erdem for NARS capsule collection to New Scents. Even the names of the lipsticks in many of the summer makeup collections take inspiration from gardens. This is the month when May Rose blooms are handpicked at their most fragrant in France. According to French law, only blossoms picked between May 1 st and May 31 st can be called May Rose in perfumery. And these pink flowers’ rich and sweet aroma is quickly distilled into rose absolute oil that is then sold to the world’s top perfumers. Competition for the finest rose harvests is so fierce that fragrance houses have been known to send farmers extravagant gifts to secure the raw materials. What’s more, weather patterns can also affect the strength and scent each season. London-based Erdem Moralioglu has built a fashion empire EDITOR'SLETTER IMAXTREE, HAERMANUS UPPINK, REJKSMUSEUM