BEAUTY the Guide - June 2018

metallic finishes so the palette will take you from day to night. There are also two nude shades that will go with any frames and accent colours to play with. 05 Apres L Ondée will look beautiful on brown eyes, 01 Rose Barbane would look stunning on hazel and green eyes and 06 Bois Des Indes would look spectacular on blue eyes! BROWS Brows should be well-groomed as they will balance out your look and will ensure your glasses don’t overpower your face. Fill in sparse areas with some Burberry Full Brow using short quick strokes. Then flip the pen round and use the waxy shadow along the entire brow for a fuller effect and natural finish. LASHES If your lashes hit your frames, try curling them. Even the slightest curl will lift your lashes so they won’t hit your lenses. If you are wearing magnified glasses, then make sure your lashes are defined and separated and opt for a mascara with a spiky brush like Dior Addict It-Lash , so you can coat all the tiny, newly growing lashes. Waterproof mascara like Lancôme Définicils won’t smudge on lenses, but make sure you allow your mascara to dry before positioning your glasses for the day. That is an important tip. A waterproof mascara will resist smudging and keep your lenses clear all day. FRAMES If you wear strong frames, then you can wear stronger makeup. If your frames are delicate, then choose delicate makeup like soft pinks and greys on your lids and define the eyes with liner and mascara. You don’t want your eye makeup to overpower your glasses. A QUICK MODERN LOOK: For an easy look apply a bold lip, concealer, mascara and your glasses. FOLIO ID - JULIA KENNEDY