BEAUTY the Guide - April 2018

GLOBAL BEAUTY INTEL: The average time spent prepping skin and applying makeup on a Monday morning is 76 minutes . It drops to 19 minutes on Friday. 30% of women refuse to leave the house without applying makeup. 80% of women agree that every woman has something beautiful about her. A woman will typically spend 330 hours applying makeup during her lifetime. The average woman will spend almost nine years of her life shopping. In India, wrinkles are considered signs of wisdom and are respected. Red lipstick remains the best-selling global shade but nudes are growing market share quickly. 58% of UK beauty customers say that personal recommendations weigh more heavily than celebrity marketing. From start-to-finish, it takes a beauty company 24 months to develop and launch a prestige fragrance. Elizabeth Taylor forbade any women on her movie sets from wearing her shade of red lipstick. Beauty enthusiasts in Brazil favour bold, vibrant lipstick shades such as fuchsia, orange and hot pink. Foundation is the most popular beauty product in Australia. It is purchased by 36 percent of women. That is followed by mascara and lipstick. Makeup colour trends are often influenced by car companies. That is because the factories that make the makeup shades also make the paint shades for the latest car models. So if you want to know the next makeup shades, visit an auto show.